• Gold & Rose Gold Fill

    Bonded with a thick layer of 14K solid gold, gold/rose gold fill aces gold plated in quality, and humbles solid gold in affordability. Lead-free, nickel-free & super versatile, it can maintain its luster for years with the right care.

  • Sterling Silver

    Sterling Silver is easily the most versatile, perennial & affordable precious metal for jewelry. It can tarnish over time, but is easy to shine back up. It is lead & nickel-free, & makes for great keepsake pieces.

  • TLC

    Your order includes care instructions & a polish pad. To enjoy the best longevity from your jewelry, avoid contact with moisture and chemicals. Take your jewelry off before showering, working out, at pools/spas, while applying make-up or hair product, sunscreen or perfume. 

  • Clean

    Wipe off gently with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth for day to day maintenance. For a deeper clean, soak your piece in lukewarm water with 1-2 drops of mild dish soap for about 5 minutes. If required, scrub very gently with a soft toothbrush before rinsing. Let the piece air dry, or dry with a soft lint-free cloth. Allow it to dry completely before storing back. To remove tarnish, polish the piece by rubbing it gently with the polish pad provided.

  • Store

    When not in use or travelling, store your jewelry in a small airtight bag (like a ziplock bag). Ensure the piece is clean & completely dry before storing away. Store in a cool, dark place. Place each piece in a separate bag to avoid tangling/scratching between the pieces.